Monday, October 10, 2011

Life is beautiful... :)

Life has it's ups and downs,

But life is always fair,
Joys and sorrows, good and bad,
Are always in equal share...

Don't get disheartened if you fall,
Get up, smile, and grow,
Achieve all that you can, in life,
And your worth, to the world, show....

Don't cry if you fail,
For someday you'll pass,
Take care of your little heart,
Which is as brittle as glass!

And while you learn to smile,
Teach others just the same,
Spread smiles all over,
For yourself, earn a name...

Life is beautiful, if you think,
Life is beautiful, if you say,
And with the right attitude,
Every day is a beautiful day!

P.S. Wrote this one long ago.... Thanks Shreyas Vaidya for preserving this one ... :)... Had forgotten about this one totally!!


Leo said...

Thanx indeed to him for ur readers get to read a Mona creation after a while now :) lovely inspirin poem as always.

Mona said...

thanks for the visit leo.. long time no see..!! :).. hows life treating you?