Sunday, September 7, 2008

The bond that was never made....

Life had always been a bit dark,
So why am I shocked when it's taken a gray shade,
Don't know why I am sad that it's broken,
The bond, that was never ever made...

He owes a lot to me,
The debts of my feelings are still unpaid,
Don't know why I still expect him to return,
And make the bond, that was never ever made...

I can't complain, can't ask him why,
Some funny obligations life has laid,
But this question will always ring in my mind,
That why wasn't this bond ever made???

Thinking about him, I've spent countless days,
And countless nights, I've awake stayed,
And am still hoping and will always hope,
That some day this unmade bond will be made...!!!

(This poem conveys a certain emotion... however I do not approve of this attitude... Holding onto broken relationships cannot lead anyone anywhere... but many of us do experience this emotion... and I have experienced it too and put it into words... !!!)