Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dear God....

Dear God, forgive me for the wrong things I did,
And the right things that I didn't do,
Forgive me for all those mistakes,
That I have committed all the way through,
Teach me to be righteous,
Teach me to be true,
Teach me to be selfless, thoughtful,
To be as pure as you,
Teach me to be merciful,
Teach me to be kind,
Help me remove all bad thoughts,
And all evil from my mind,
Forgive me for my sins,
Forgive me for whenever I did err,
Let me be satisfied with life always,
And let me be happy forever!!!!


Rajesh said...

A simple poem written wit so much kindness at heart...showed ur ATTITUDE towards life...keep it up..may u b happy forever

Best Wishes


ashwin said...

hmm this attitude is what keeps people unhappy in this ungrateful world... we love , love and love even more...but get nothing in return, true that i should not be expectin anythng in return for love, but at least dont kick me back....pessimistic eh?...or maybe realistic....but hey...keep the positive way of life....if not anything , at least we can walk with our head held up high if we havent done anythign wrong

Rohan said...

May the world change,
but hume nahi badalna,
Chahe jitne kar le sitam,
Seedhi rah par hi chalenge hum.

Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

I am sure God has taught you all those things mona because you are a good human are everything that you have asked for to God....stay the way u are...

lots of luv