Saturday, September 13, 2008

An Indian speaks....

I live on the edge,
And as I leave home each day,
I just can't predict,
Whether I'll be back in the same way,
Explosions await me,
In each and every lane,
I see people dying around,
People in so much pain,
A tiny bomb explodes,
And takes so many lives away,
Is this really the world of God,
This world where I stay?,
Of having a peaceful life,
I really can never be sure,
This cancer, cancer of hatred,
Does it have any cure?,
Yes, I am a poor Indian,
Troubled, and in a bad shape,
And I just want to know,
Will I ever be safe???!!!

Lets pray for all those who have suffered in the bomb blasts today... lets try and find an answer to these questions... !!


Rajesh said...

Yeah...very true...a timely...just after 5 serial blasts have happened in Delhi a while back..

Well...yeah...its sad to see these blasts happening just like that...seems to be a day-to-day affair...all we shall do is PRAY GOD...

Well written post..

Anonymous said...

i pray to god to give peace to the souls of the dead....give courage to the families of the dead and i pray to god to give wisdom to ppl behind such activities....

wonderful poem...well written and stunningly true...

a poor indian

Chaggoholic.... said...

A special post from the heart.Nice....