Sunday, July 20, 2008

Who am I?

Sitting by my window,
One lonely night,
Silence haunts me,
for there’s not a soul is sight…

“Who am I?”, I wonder,
What am I here to do?,
Of my identity,
I just don’t have a clue…

When God created all of us,
He surely had something planned,
He wanted to sculpt mighty statues,
Out of mere grains of sand…

So why is it that some of us,
Just mingle with the dust,
Some shine like gold and silver,
And some just lie and rust…

And then it finally struck me,
What’s inside his master mind,
He’s hidden talents inside each of us,
Which he wants us to search and find…

It’s just a matter of trust,
And believing in one’s dreams,
With a true heart and the right spirit,
Nothing will impossible seem…

So here I am now,
All set to be “me”,
To work hard, rise and shine,
And make my identity!!!

Truly… life is really about discovering our inner self, and loving each bit of it… each one of us is special n unique in our own way… let each of us discover the gift of life n cherish it forever!!!


Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

nice piece...see if you like my blog...

Rajesh said...

Nice poem....loved reading... FINALLY KNEW WHO U R...keep writitng..

P.S: Saw ur comments in my blog...they were very encouraging.. esp the one abt my school life...amazed to receive such...I'll make sure I produce better articles in future..thanks for reading all the articles..Keep visiting my blog..

mitra said...

Hai Mona,
I found your poem very optimistic.And a lot of introspection there,i must say.
Nice to read it.:)

mona said...

@ rajesh.. well i was d one who mailed u.. i thot maybe my comments wud go unnoticed in the sea of comments.. anyway.. keep bloggin.. n thanks for ur appreciation.. it means a lot!!!

@ mitra... thanks ... glad u liked it!!