Sunday, July 27, 2008

My voyage, back to home....

Watching through the window,
As each milestone passes by,
Waiting with my arms open,
Under the velvety sky,
With nothing but hope in my heart,
And a few friends by my side,
I struggle through the pathways,
Towards my home, I ride,
The smell of my native land,
Memories of home, ignites,
It leads me to my destination,
The torch of victory, it lights,
All the obstacles hardly matter,
Of the pain, I really don't care,
What matters is that I am going home,
And yes, I am finally reaching there!!!

dedicated to all those who ever felt the pain of staying away from their home....


Anonymous said...

Many people when asked who their favourite poet is may say william blake, robert frost and many such names. But if you ask me YOU are my favourite poet. Poetry comes to you as naturally as talking. Wonderful poem again. I pray that you find peace wherever you stay and i pray that you return home very soon. Wish you all the happiness in the world

Rajesh said...

Wow!!!! really good...may u get back home as n when possible...n abt the write-up, Mona lives up 2 our expectations...very well written.. straight frm ur heart..