Sunday, July 27, 2008

Let me keep the memories....

Let me keep the memories,
Of the day we first talked,
Down the lane of tender love,
As we both first walked...

Let me keep the memories,
Of the day you held my hand,
As we saw the setting sun,
And dug our fingers in the sand...

Let me keep the memories,
Of the day we had our first fight,
We decided to part ways,
And I stayed awake and cried all night...

Let me keep the memories,
Of the time we talked all night,
Of love and how much we mean to each other,
Till the sun shined and we saw daylight...

Let me keep the memories,
Of the day we played our wedding day,
We took our vows and exchanged rings,
Wasn't it so much fun all the way?...

Let me keep the memories,
Of when I had fallen ill,
And you were on my bedside all day long,
And had promised that you always will!...

Let me keep those memories,
For life has forced us to part our ways,
And though we can't be together any more,
These precious memories will always stay!!!

Dedicated to all those who ever felt the magic of being in love for the first time... and the pain of losing their first love!!!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

beautiful poem mona. I am really amazed at your poems and your writing skills.I have no words to describe how beautiful this poem is.Keep up the good work and please keep writing and posting such good posts. God bless you.
lots of luv,

ashwin said...

aah..true love...broken hearts, lost things that inspire u to be a poet...keep up the good work

peter said...

wow !!
i want to learn this act of puting lyt words and makin it in to a poem !
cz i hardly been able to ...write sucha nice and romantic poems ...i hv been too much in intense kind f poems !!
anyways gud wrk !

Rajesh said...

Touched me mona...that refrain in the first line of every stanza was simply stunning...i wud say this is the best of ur works...keep writing..u write really well...

Prashanth Nagaraj said...

gud dedication..
keep it up gal..

Anonymous said...

truly beautiful it is mona!
luvd evry bit of it!