Monday, August 29, 2011

My nemesis....

I wake up every morning with bruises all over,

Too tired to walk, too numb to feel,

Blood oozing from inhuman wounds,

And the floor covered in bits of torn hair,

I crawl slowly, pull out the drawer,

Clean the wounds, dress them all up,

Wipe off the blood stains, destroying evidence,

Of the gruesome event that got me to this state,

I lie down, tired, trying to remember how it happened,

And fall asleep soon, like I would never wake up,

And then I rise, bring out the weapons,

Pull out my own skin, exposing the flesh,

Breaking myself down, part by part,

Finally, exhausted, I slip into a deep slumber,

Only to wake up oblivious to the truth,

That I am, my own nemesis…..

And that, I would never know!!!!!