Monday, August 29, 2011


Walking down a lonely path,

Struggling to get a view,

Leaving old comforts behind,

To make place for trials new,

My hands reach out to touch,

Every familiar face,

And i realise they are moving away,

And its all just a haze,

Memories haunt, tears roll down,

My throat chokes, lets out a sigh,

I feel like a featherless bird,

Who's been pushed off to fly....

Long ago i had set out,

On a similar unknown path,

Oblivious of what was awaiting me,

Gearing up for a new start,

That time i felt like a stranger,

And little did i know,

That it will be so tough,

To let it all go,

Strangers turned into friends soon,

And my emotions were set free,

Every moment spent with them,

Is now etched in memory....

Walking down this lonely path,

Holding onto the precious past,

I try to preserve each memory,

As long as it can last,

I laugh and cry, all the same,

I experience pangs of sorrow,

I walk empty handed,

Towards a new tomorrow,

A wee bit wiser, a wee bit stronger,

Ready to put up a show,

With nothing but memories to warm me up,

Wherever i may go!!

Thank you all my dear MGV friends for giving me these priceless memories... I am going to cherish them throughout my life... If I ever unintentionally hurt anyone I ask for forgiveness... I wish everyone all the best for their future... May God bless you all!!!