Friday, July 8, 2011


Dear green, sprightly and fresh,

I am so in love with you,

Sparkling, resplendent,

With tiny pearls of dew…

Gently swaying, caressed by the wind,

Humming your own sweet song,

Green is all I want to see,

Can I please take you along?

I wonder why they tag you as envy,

Fail to notice your beauty, pristine,

Oh, if only the world was my canvas,

I would paint it all green…

You spell love, in all its purity,

No red, white, yellow, blue can take your place,

Oh, when he smiles at me,

I just want to splash some green on his face!!!!

Dear green, where art thou disappearing?,

It saddens my heart, that you’ve become so rare,

I wish I could just bottle you up,

And sprinkle green magic, everywhere…

For won’t the world be a better place,

With you, dear green, adorning Mother Earth?,

No wonder, the world, is devoid of joy,

Oh green, how I wish, people realized your worth!!!!

P.S. A big thank you to Coldplay for inspiring me with 'Yellow'... :D!!!!


Anonymous said...

Nature lover? me too. :)

Write one on Red!

Mona said...

@ the lover... red should be your forte... red and love.. kinda go hand in hand.... why don't you come up with one on red...?? :)

Maverick said... is mysterious and magnetic and majestic at the same time.

Nature...well, what can i say? Agree with your take...

Loved this one! :)