Saturday, July 16, 2011

Generation Next???!!

We, the flagbearers of the 21st century,

Holding on tight to our playstations and phones,

The era of blemish-free, spotless skin,

But,sadly, tainted souls and hearts of stone...

Every detail broadcasted on facebook,

And every small achievement calls for a treat,

But we have no time to talk to our parents,

Or to bend down and touch their feet...

Slangs and fake accents are, oh, so cool,

We judge people by what they wear,

Birthday messages and forwarded SMSes,

Are our way of showing that we care...

Alcohol and smoke cloud are vision,

We like being wasted, stoned, and sloshed,

Arrogance and pretence are our weapons,

That help us to hide our guilt, unwashed...

Movie, dinner or clubbing, we are always ready,

But lending an ear to someone, bores us to no end,

We have no time for broken hearts,

Only happening and cool people are our friends...

Expensive cars turn us on,

Wit and intelligence are worthless things,

Love isn't expressed with words anymore,

Love is now equivalent to diamond rings...

If progress meant losing the essence of our souls,

And leading a life of dissatisfaction and unrest,

Then, when we look at this fake world we've built,

Don't our forefathers really seem blessed???!!