Saturday, September 4, 2010

From wax to steel....

She had a heart of wax,
It used to melt and burn her from within,
The smoldering heat running through her body,
Making her pay for her sins,
Her emotions were set to fire often,
And each time she got hurt, she burned,
Pangs of pain disabled her always,
For some relief, her body yearned,
She was scathed and charred all over,
From somewhere deep inside,
And her body covered with ugly scars,
Which were so difficult to hide....

Now she has a heart of steel,
That many have tried to penetrate into,
But she has locked it away from everyone,
Doesn't let anyone go through,
When pain hits her hard as before,
She lies unshaken, unstirred,
She's unkind, inhuman, merciless,
That's what people have inferred,
Little do they know, that the heart of steel,
Has been burnished from the heat of molten wax,
That someone inside her had to die,
In order to keep her alive!!!!


Maverick said...

beautiful...truth enveloped ever so beautifully in words...words that will make a heart of steel metamorphose into 1 of wax nd! :)