Saturday, November 13, 2010

A sound mind....

For money, fame, power,

We crave, we slave,

We fight constantly,

Till we lie in our graves,

We trample upon many,

To gain advantage, to lead,

The crop of success is often sown,

With polluted and corrupt seeds,

Oh, what a price we pay,

We sell our souls to win,

And spend sleepless nights,

To pay for our sins,

Riches are easy to obtain,

Peace, most difficult to find,

Of all the riches on earth,

The best is a sound mind!!!


Rohan said...

Brrrrrilliaaaaantt and sooooooo true!!! When you are mentally chilling..everything in life gooess soooo fine and looks so happening !!:D

Very well written mona :D

Btw , riches are not easy to obtain?? :P KBC won kya ? :P j/k /k

Maverick said...

so true....trademark Mona....simple and still starkly true...

beautifully done! luvd it! :)