Friday, November 28, 2008

Dear terrorist brother.....

You may have a different religion,
You may have a different name,
But dear terrorist brother, just pierce me and see,
Our blood is just the same,
For what are you taking revenge on me?,
When and how did I become your enemy?,
Who's put that blindfold on you, dear brother,
That right and wrong, you can't see?

Dear terrorist brother, don't you feel,
That it is but a little odd,
That you are out to destroy,
what's been,Created by your own God?,
We were born and we shall mingle,
Into the same dust,
Then why is it dear brother,
That for my blood you lust?

We eat the same food,
We breathe the same air,
We drink the same water,
And the same sunlight we share,
But still you claim that we are different,
And hate me for it too,
Just think hard and tell me now,
What bad have I done to you?

I don't know who's Ram and Allah,
But the same God created me and you,
How I wish He had taught us,
To love and respect each other too,
Dear terrorist brother now stop right there,
This excruciating pain I can no more bear,
Just try to change yourself now,
For its never too late to learn to love and care!!!


Rajesh said...

That's the most polite way to address a terrorist...was very good...especially the first few lines when u asked the terrorist to pierce u...nice..

Sandeep Balan said...

more than the post, its so heartening to know tht my lil poet is fine n safe....n the knowledge of ur friends whom u cannot reach being fine makes the heart light....u shud hav stayed back in ur hostel dis week dear....especially wid d situation so bad here....anyways....plz take good care n go back safe n secure....

As for the post....just three words....take a bow!

Kartz said...

Poignant. Period.

I guess terrorists know only one form of 'fraternity' - a fraternity amongst themselves. Some brotherhood that is...

Agreed, they are made of the same elements that make up you and I. But they have the added streak of sadism and brutality. That makes quite a difference, doesn't it..? No wonder... A poignant verse cannot pierce their 'shield'. One can only fervently hope it will...


Thanks for the blogroll ma'am. Returning the favour with your consents.

Peace. Have a nice day.