Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Can you see my pain?....

Can you see my pain?
When I am feeling low,
When my face loses its glow,
When my tears wet the pillow…

Can you see my pain?,
When I feel lost in the crowd,
When I fail to make you proud,
When I can’t cry out aloud….

Can you see my pain?,
When I crave for your attention,
When I have loads of tension,
When my feelings I can’t mention…

Can you see my pain?,
When I feel lonely and sad,
When a bad day I’ve had,
When life is driving me mad…

Can you see my pain,
When I want your love and care,
When I feel no one’s there,
When life seems unfair…

No, you can’t see my pain,
For I have learnt to hide,
My pain, the tears I’ve cried,
My feelings, my emotions, have died!!!!


Sandeep Balan said...

oops...oops...oops...i never knew glow n pillow could rhyme..but ur lines force me to believe...Can you see my pain?? anyone who reads this piece of yours does not only see the pain..but also feels it...such is the intensity of ur lines...good one once again..n great to see your posts more regularly yaar...hmmmm...hail mona...hail mona....

mona said...

hehe... thank u so much.. it feels great to b appreciated ... and yeah, its my diwali vacation time... that's the reason why i am posting more frequently... wish i could write more often... anyways... thank you once again.. cheers!!

Tara said...

Good job! Sure, we can see your pain! Well written! The emotions come out well, the sadness in this piece is well-reflected! Keep up the good work! :)

ashwin said...

your poems only get better day by day, u need to publish them maybe.

it doesnt take a IQ of 150 to see that ur poems reflect a deep sense of sadness....u missing someone?

mona said...

@ tara... thanx a ton for d appreciation!!

@ ashwin... no m not missing anyone in particular... these are just random thoughts that come onto paper..!! thanks a lot for the appreciation.. dont know if i'll ever get a chance to publish them.. but atleast i can blog forever!!!

Arjun said...

wow.. real good.. :)
Loved the last paragraph...


Entertainer said...

wow..nice one..
one good thing abt your writing is that its big and complex words..juz plain and simple

Kartz said...

Touched a chord somewhere deep within... Nicely penned.