Monday, April 9, 2012

Adios, my love....

It's time....
To let go of the memories,
That I held onto for so long,
And allow you to move on,
Towards brighter tomorrows....
And so....
I carry them, snugly resting in my arms,
To the graveyard,
I dig their grave with a heavy heart,
My tears, I hope, they'll keep them warm for a while,
I lay them in slowly and seal it up,
The grave is sealed now, the burial successful,
And I walk away with pain in my eyes,
The rains aren't far,
Soon lilies shall bloom,
And the gentle winds will carry your scent to me,
I promise, I'll surely pay them a visit then,
But for now, let our memories rest in bliss,
Adios, my love,
And peace be with you!!! :)