Friday, December 30, 2011


In the crowd,
I forget myself,
I never knew,
Till I met myself,
In solitude...

It is so nice,
To get to know,
Who I am,
Nice and slow,
In solitude...

At peace,
I feel,
All my wounds,
Slowly heal,
In solitude...

My worry creases,
Relax, unfold,
As I narrate to myself,
All the stories untold,
In solitude...

I have not a care,
My lips break into a smile,
And I say to myself,
Hope this stays for a while,
This solitude...

We always want more people around,
To quench our endless greed,
But sometimes, to come to terms with life,
All we really need,
is solitude...!!!!


chirag said...

we should ourselves much better than others
nice poem mona
i hope you remember me
happy new year
wishing you a great year ahead
think positive

Azrinafiqah said...

You're a great writer :-)

Amit Charles said...

simple words that say a lot. Good one!

keep it goin ;)