Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Silenced desires....

In the woven gossamers of my mind,

A myriad of desires, I nestle,

Struggling through paths unknown,

I muffle my soul, I wrestle…

Against my will, for the greater good,

I make amends with my wants,

But the devils of desire, don’t leave me alone,

They appear in my dreams and haunt…

Wishes unfulfilled, my soul so parched,

Craving to quench itself with fulfillment’s nectar,

It struggles within, entrapped in my body,

Trying to get away, running helter-skelter…

But reality bites, stings like a scorpion,

Demands the cruel sacrifice of my desires,

I walk around the pyre of my dreams,

And I myself set them on fire…

In the heavens of sanctity,

Waiting to be caressed, my desires rest,

As I lead this incomplete life,

Forlorn, lonely, bereft!!!