Monday, April 11, 2011

Mera pyaara Swifty...

This poem is dedicated to my dear friend Rohan and his lovely Swift... They share a bond with each other, more pure and divine than Romeo and Juliet, Adam and Eve, Laila and Majnoo and every other world-famous couple... It's indeed rare to see such pure love blossom in today's materialistic world... Sob.. Sniff.. I hope you like this Rohan.. This one's for you... :)

Mera pyaara Swifty,

Mera dulaara Swifty,

Mere chand ka tukda,

Jo hai tera sundar mukhda,

Uspe ek bhi dent aaye,

Toh meri saans atak jaaye…

Mera pyaara Swifty,

Mera dulaara Swifty,

Tera shiny safed exterior,

Tere seat par baithke peena beer,

Woh music sunna, long drives pe jaana,

Tere saath rehkar, har gam ko bhulaana….

Mera pyaara Swifty,

Mera dulaara Swifty,

Tanhaiyon me best friend tu,

Boring life me exciting bend tu,

Adrenaline rush hamesha tune diya,

Speedometer ne mujhko pagal kiya….

Mera pyaara Swifty,

Mera dulaara Swifty,

Tu hai toh life hai best,

I don’t care about the rest,

Dhoond liya maine full jahaan,

Par tere jaisa yaar aur kahaan…!!!


Rohan said...

IT IS brilliant OR WHAT !!!

Perfectly described how it feels to be with this babe :D did you know ??? U ve written it like you equally like my car :D

Touched.really !! She is not far now :D only 40 days..after that the 4 months of a life time :D :D :D :D ..

Dhoon liya maine jaha..par tere jaisa yaar :P

India aake wine shop and pizza parlour kholenge gaadi main :P

PS: Is this some bribe to let you learn on my car ? :P if it is..I dunno ITS working :P