Sunday, February 13, 2011

Uncarved stone

I am uncarved stone,

I can’t feel,

Come touch me,

Make me real,

Sculpt me into,

A pretty dame,

I have no identity,

Give me a name,

Am crude,

Polish me well,

Am unfamiliar to the world,

My fears, come quell,

My heart doesn’t beat,

Teach me to love,

Of emotions, open up,

The treasure trove,

Am lifeless,

Put life into me,

Through your eyes,

The world, let me see…


Rohan said...

oho..alag type of school le jana pade a chori ko :P

You are brilliant the way you are..and the poem is awesome like every one of yours always is :)

Cheers rockstar ..\m/ \m/

the feeling lioness said...

hey nice
I also wrote something similar to this

the feeling lioness said...

I really liked it
really good

Venky said...

Its lovely and different. I really loved reading it