Friday, December 30, 2011


In the crowd,
I forget myself,
I never knew,
Till I met myself,
In solitude...

It is so nice,
To get to know,
Who I am,
Nice and slow,
In solitude...

At peace,
I feel,
All my wounds,
Slowly heal,
In solitude...

My worry creases,
Relax, unfold,
As I narrate to myself,
All the stories untold,
In solitude...

I have not a care,
My lips break into a smile,
And I say to myself,
Hope this stays for a while,
This solitude...

We always want more people around,
To quench our endless greed,
But sometimes, to come to terms with life,
All we really need,
is solitude...!!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

He is everywhere...

I am the warmth in your tears,
I am the echo that follows your screams,
I am your throbbing heartbeat,
At the end of every bad dream,
I am the scab that covers your wounds,
I am the sweat beads cooling your forehead,
Oh what a pity it is, you always see the obvious,
And never see what isn't obvious, instead,
Whenever you feel pain, you wonder,
When it pains so much, where is He,
Try to look just beyond the pain once,
And you'll certainly find me!!!

P.S. If there's pain, God is around you... :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Don't come to me tomorrow,

With that empty hand stretched out,

Today I have a lot to give,

A lot more than you thought,

But who has seen tomorrow,

Life's as fickle as it can be,

And what the future holds,

No one in the world can see,
So take what I have today, to give,

And learn to appreciate,

And if you don't care enough now,

It might just be a bit too late,

For what's yours today,

Will be someone else's tomorrow,

And If you come asking for it later,

All life shall give you, is sorrow....

Monday, November 28, 2011

Bleeding diamond....

I am the dazzling diamond everyone adores,

I am the object of everyone’s desire,

I am precious and rare,

And so very difficult to acquire...

I am everyone’s envy,

Be it pearls, jewels or beads,

I hold supreme power,

I can cut till you bleed!

Once upon a time I lay,

Deformed, black and crude,

Nobody loved me back then,

And nobody understood...

I vowed to change myself one day,

I wanted to be loved by all,

And in the process of acquiring fame,

I forgot to answer my inner call

I left my beloved behind,

To rise and attain glory,

And here I am, desirable yet lonely,

With no one to complete my story...

And millions, gazillions love me today,

They only see me shine,

But nobody knows that my heart,

Still lies in that coal mine...

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The house of cards...

The house of cards stood precariously,

Trembling under the weight of its floors,
She didn't foresee, any calamity,
Simply kept adding more and more...

Each card she placed, whether jack or ace,
Made her swell with pride,
The captivating beauty was all she could see,
She never saw the dangers that it did hide...

And slowly, her faith grew fairly strong,
With passion and zeal, she built on,
Never once did she falter, or stop to think,
That some day it could all be gone...

And so, the house stood, strong and tall,
It spoke of beauty and grace,
But soon a mighty gust of wind blew,
Demolishing it, leaving behind no trace...

Slowly she picked up, card after card,
Her heart stricken with grief and pain,
Each scattered card, a shattered dream,
She never managed to build the house again!!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The shadow in the dark...

Creeping up stealthily,
That shadow in the dark,
Muffled footsteps kill the silence,
The contrast, so stark,
The air, still, no more,
Screeching winds start to blow,
My heartbeats rise and sink,
As fears start to grow,
He walks slowly towards me,
Surprisingly unarmed,
And I think to myself
He can do me, no harm,
For he seems so fragile,
I almost instantly pity his state,
Not once do I doubt,
That his appearance could be a bait,
I raise my hand to ward him off,
He retraces, taken aback,
I tighten my fists, point them at him,
I can hear my knuckles crack,
Suddenly he starts moving towards me,
His grimness changes to a malicious grin.
And instantly, a shiver runs down my spine,
His confidence, makes my head spin,
A gust of wind, appears from nowhere,
The Window panes start to creak,
And through his firmly clenched teeth,
He slowly and carefully speaks,
Oh ignorant fool, so full of yourself.
Have you no sense, don't you know,
And didn't it ever occur to you,
That it takes light, to form a shadow....

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Smoke and ash....

A throat, so parched,
With burning desire,
And the heat inside,
Smoldering, like fire,
I try to gulp some spirit,
But instantly spit out flames,
I search frantically for some respite,
To keep myself sane,
With trembling hands I light,
That tiny little match,
The fatal stick in my mouth,
Starts blazing in a flash,
Coughing up clouds,
I sit in a haze,
Caught up in this,
Self-created maze,
Startled I get up,
I don't want to surrender to fate,
And drown myself like this,
In this pool of hate,
Pangs of sorrow set in,
And I writhe on the floor,
The pain disables me, I scream,
But I say to myself, no more,
I get up and destroy,
All your remnants that enfeeble me,
I watch with bated breath,
As the flames engulf each memory,
Soon I realise, I never did need,
The crutches of tobacco or hash,
All I needed to see, to set myself free,
Was, your vestiges reducing,
To smoke and ash...!!!

P.S. Kill the pain... not yourself!!! \m/

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Quitter's woe....

Whoever said quitting is easy,

It's the toughest thing to do,
To admit, after all, to oneself,
That you probably don't have it in you....

A quitter's agony can only be seen,
Through a quitter's own eyes,
He's someone who knows he can't succeed,
However much he tries....

And until a man has tried enough,
A man will never rest,
And a quitter does not quit before,
Putting himself to test....

Then why is it, that a quitter,
Appears like a loser to all,
He's just someone too tired of falling,
And simply wants, a chance to stand tall....

A quitter once, is not a quitter always,
But the world often forces him to be,
And in a world, so blinded by hate,
A quitter can't help but quit totally!!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Me and my crippled beliefs....

Me and my crippled beliefs,
We try hard to go forth,
But can't really take more than a few steps,
Without enough support...

Me and my crippled beliefs,
Struggling to maintain a pace,
But millions, gazillions, take the lead,
In this never-ending race...

Me and my crippled beliefs,
So many people have pushed us down,
That it's really hard to get up anymore,
In our sorrows, we drown...

But me and my crippled beliefs,
Broken and battered, we still crawl,
For hope drags us on, on this uncertain path,
One day, we shall stand tall...

And alone, we walk, side by side,
Nobody really understands our grief,
As we stagger quietly, towards our destiny,
Me, and my crippled beliefs!!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Neither a thousand bullets nor a million needles can explain,

The pain, of not being able to feel any pain,

When hurt no longer hurts, and tears no longer flow,

And you simply fail to acknowledge sorrow,

When your fragile heart, slowly turns into stone,

And you no longer mind being alone,

And it no longer matters, what goes or comes,

What could be worse than being numb??!!!

P.S. Pain is important. It makes us human. \m/

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sweet tender love....

Her sweet breath on his neck,

She gasps, her chest heaving up and down,

His one day stubble against her face,

And there appears, an instant frown,

He caresses her trembling body,

As she melts into his arms,

Their heavy breathing fills the room,

Which is otherwise, so calm,

Their parched lips meet, slowly, tenderly,

In a sweet embrace,

And they make tender love to each other,

In all its beauty and grace,

Her slightly wet hair tickles him,

And he lets out a sigh,

Her flushed body against his own,

Curled up on the bed, they lie,

Oblivious to the existence of anyone else,

Gazing into each other’s eyes,

The two bodies, unite into one soul,

Under the starry skies……

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Toast - To Words!!!

I was born, struggling with thoughts,

Too many, too soon,

And within a few days of life,

You stepped in, like a boon,

Shaping each thought,

Making it heard,

The medium through which,

All my questions were answered...

I took you for granted sometimes,

Many still do,

But there isn't much meaning,

To the world, without you,

And I felt, it's unjust,

How poorly you are understood,

So I wrote you a toast,

For, that's the least I could!!!

Sometimes as silly phrases,

Sometimes as expressions of care,

Sometimes as vented anger,

When life seems all unfair,

You come to my rescue,

Whenever I feel out of place,

And when the world leaves my side,

It is in you, that I find solace...

Life bestowed many gifts on me,

You, undoubtedly, one of the best,

For you bring out the best in me,

And make me feel blessed,

Thank you, oh, dear words,

For never ever failing me,

Cheers to your greatness,

I raise this one to thee!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Why hate mediocrity???

What is it about mediocrity,

That people so despise?,

The way i see it, it gives you,

An eternal opportunity to rise!

Stuck in the middle somewhere,

There's always a burning desire to win,

All the same, you have the humility to give up,

But never to give in!

And you know your place, you are secure,

In the midst of brilliant and poor,

And since you can go either way,

You work harder to be sure...

You neither have the greed for victory,

Nor, the fear of loss,

For somehow, you've seen both sides of the coin,

Both, heads and tails, of a toss...

So don't hate being mediocre,

Because it gives you no reason to regret,

Mediocrity is a boon, it gives you a choice,

That others, often, do not get!!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Life is beautiful... :)

Life has it's ups and downs,

But life is always fair,
Joys and sorrows, good and bad,
Are always in equal share...

Don't get disheartened if you fall,
Get up, smile, and grow,
Achieve all that you can, in life,
And your worth, to the world, show....

Don't cry if you fail,
For someday you'll pass,
Take care of your little heart,
Which is as brittle as glass!

And while you learn to smile,
Teach others just the same,
Spread smiles all over,
For yourself, earn a name...

Life is beautiful, if you think,
Life is beautiful, if you say,
And with the right attitude,
Every day is a beautiful day!

P.S. Wrote this one long ago.... Thanks Shreyas Vaidya for preserving this one ... :)... Had forgotten about this one totally!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The irony called 'life'...

I lie in my grave, peacefully,

As the world mourns my loss,

My stony eyes, crave tears of joy,

I waited so long for this applause,

But I lived a life, unrecognized,

Not appreciated for my skills,

The only thing that egged me on,

Was my adamant will,

And today I rest, a content man,

I care not for your words now,

Yet, you lament my loss as if,

You cared too much for me, somehow,

I want to laugh till I cry,

How funny an irony, indeed,

That a man has to actually die for,

The world to recognise his deeds!!!

Life is too short... Please learn to appreciate people around you before it's too late!!! :)

P.S. R.I.P. Steve Jobs.. :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The bird that couldn't fly!!!!!

The bird stood on the edge alone,

And shuddered at the thought,

Of flying away, without support,

What if he were to fall off?

He remembered what his peers had said,

"Your wings are too tiny, they cannot bear

Your weight, oh, poor dear,

You wouldn't last two seconds in air!"

He turned around and looked at dad,

Surely he'd have something to say,

Daddy shrugged his shoulders, and said,

"Chum, I'm sorry, you need to find your own way!"

Tears welling up, he ran to mom,

She gave him a half-hearted nod,

With doubtful eyes, she let out a sigh,

And he could tell, she wasn't too proud...

He went up to bro, surely he would know,

But bro was too busy to hear,

And so birdie walked off, with a heavy heart,

Filled with insecurity and fear...

And little birdie stood alone on the edge,

And dared not, step off the ledge,

The poor little bird that couldn't fly,

How I wish you had let him try!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Faint echoes resonate through the walls of space,

And I sit in sanctity,

People pass by me, but am in a daze,

Oblivious to reality,

Does this ever happen to you,

What's happening to me,

I blink and blink, so hard,

But I cannot see,

I walk around, trying to feel,

But my finger-tips are numb,

I open my mouth to scream,

No voice comes out, I turn dumb,

I scratch myself, with nails outgrown,

But am devoid of pain,

Wounds do not heal, but I can't feel,

Even though they remain,

Who am I?, I ponder alone,

And finally it occurs to me,

A body without soul, and a heart so cold,

I am the living dead - a zombie!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011


You created that tiny nick in my heart somewhere,

And each time it throbs now, a little blood leaks out,

I search high and low, but all in vain,

I can't find out from where it spouts,

Your venom's spreading, can't stop it from leaking,

It both, makes me weak, and stirs me up too,

That inconspicuous wound, so difficult to locate,

And the pain just makes me feel closer to you,

This wound won't heal, the nick won't seal,

In my heart, your imprint shall always stay,

For there's just no one else, other than you,

Who can make me feel this way!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

My nemesis....

I wake up every morning with bruises all over,

Too tired to walk, too numb to feel,

Blood oozing from inhuman wounds,

And the floor covered in bits of torn hair,

I crawl slowly, pull out the drawer,

Clean the wounds, dress them all up,

Wipe off the blood stains, destroying evidence,

Of the gruesome event that got me to this state,

I lie down, tired, trying to remember how it happened,

And fall asleep soon, like I would never wake up,

And then I rise, bring out the weapons,

Pull out my own skin, exposing the flesh,

Breaking myself down, part by part,

Finally, exhausted, I slip into a deep slumber,

Only to wake up oblivious to the truth,

That I am, my own nemesis…..

And that, I would never know!!!!!

E insaan....

E insaan jhaank khud ke andar,

Soch, aakhir tu kaha chala,

Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isaai,

Hisson me kyon batta chala,

E insaan jhaank khud ke andar,

Soch, aakhir tu kaha chala,

Khoon kharaba, baarud banduk,

Kyon nafrat ki aag me jala,

E insaan jhaank khud ke andar,

Soch, aakhir tu kaha chala,

Apnon ke sapnon ko kuchalkar,

Kya karega khudka bhala,

E insaan jhaank khud ke andar,

Soch, aakhir tu kaha chala,

Paison ki lalach, hawas ki aag me,

Kyon shaitan ke rup me dhala,

E insaan jhaank khud ke andar,

Soch, aakhir tu kaha chala,

Aage badhne ki chaah me,

Reh naa jaaye aakhir khala,

E insaan jhaank khud ke andar,

Soch, aakhir tu kaha chala,

Aazad nahi tu, kaid hai tu,

Aaj apni ruh ko kar de fanaa,

E insaan jhaank khud ke andar,

Aur ek khuddar shaksiyat bana!!!


Walking down a lonely path,

Struggling to get a view,

Leaving old comforts behind,

To make place for trials new,

My hands reach out to touch,

Every familiar face,

And i realise they are moving away,

And its all just a haze,

Memories haunt, tears roll down,

My throat chokes, lets out a sigh,

I feel like a featherless bird,

Who's been pushed off to fly....

Long ago i had set out,

On a similar unknown path,

Oblivious of what was awaiting me,

Gearing up for a new start,

That time i felt like a stranger,

And little did i know,

That it will be so tough,

To let it all go,

Strangers turned into friends soon,

And my emotions were set free,

Every moment spent with them,

Is now etched in memory....

Walking down this lonely path,

Holding onto the precious past,

I try to preserve each memory,

As long as it can last,

I laugh and cry, all the same,

I experience pangs of sorrow,

I walk empty handed,

Towards a new tomorrow,

A wee bit wiser, a wee bit stronger,

Ready to put up a show,

With nothing but memories to warm me up,

Wherever i may go!!

Thank you all my dear MGV friends for giving me these priceless memories... I am going to cherish them throughout my life... If I ever unintentionally hurt anyone I ask for forgiveness... I wish everyone all the best for their future... May God bless you all!!!

Saturday, July 30, 2011


He crept in, slowly, stealthily,

Put his arms around me,

And I knew, almost instantly,

That he was trying to confound me,

He held me firmly and whispered,

That he would never cheat,

And in that blatant lie,

Lay my very defeat,

For his shirt reeked of her scent,

Her texts filled his phone,

And he was lost in her eyes,

While I spent my nights alone,

Tears rolled down my cheek,

As I pushed him away,

My heart was screaming out aloud,

But I had nothing to say,

And I walked out alone,

Caressing my bleeding heart,

That one unfortunate mistake of his,

Had torn all my dreams apart,

Granted, it's human to err,

But can someone please tell,

Is it even in God's capacity,

To forgive an infidel???!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Generation Next???!!

We, the flagbearers of the 21st century,

Holding on tight to our playstations and phones,

The era of blemish-free, spotless skin,

But,sadly, tainted souls and hearts of stone...

Every detail broadcasted on facebook,

And every small achievement calls for a treat,

But we have no time to talk to our parents,

Or to bend down and touch their feet...

Slangs and fake accents are, oh, so cool,

We judge people by what they wear,

Birthday messages and forwarded SMSes,

Are our way of showing that we care...

Alcohol and smoke cloud are vision,

We like being wasted, stoned, and sloshed,

Arrogance and pretence are our weapons,

That help us to hide our guilt, unwashed...

Movie, dinner or clubbing, we are always ready,

But lending an ear to someone, bores us to no end,

We have no time for broken hearts,

Only happening and cool people are our friends...

Expensive cars turn us on,

Wit and intelligence are worthless things,

Love isn't expressed with words anymore,

Love is now equivalent to diamond rings...

If progress meant losing the essence of our souls,

And leading a life of dissatisfaction and unrest,

Then, when we look at this fake world we've built,

Don't our forefathers really seem blessed???!!


Friday, July 8, 2011


Dear green, sprightly and fresh,

I am so in love with you,

Sparkling, resplendent,

With tiny pearls of dew…

Gently swaying, caressed by the wind,

Humming your own sweet song,

Green is all I want to see,

Can I please take you along?

I wonder why they tag you as envy,

Fail to notice your beauty, pristine,

Oh, if only the world was my canvas,

I would paint it all green…

You spell love, in all its purity,

No red, white, yellow, blue can take your place,

Oh, when he smiles at me,

I just want to splash some green on his face!!!!

Dear green, where art thou disappearing?,

It saddens my heart, that you’ve become so rare,

I wish I could just bottle you up,

And sprinkle green magic, everywhere…

For won’t the world be a better place,

With you, dear green, adorning Mother Earth?,

No wonder, the world, is devoid of joy,

Oh green, how I wish, people realized your worth!!!!

P.S. A big thank you to Coldplay for inspiring me with 'Yellow'... :D!!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Prayer of a broken heart...

Thou did not grant me my love,

I learnt to live with the pain,

For love ain't about possession,

Or about materialistic gain,

I can live with the assurance alone,

That he is happy and sound,

His heartbeats are linked to mine,

To his life, my life bound,

Then why, Dear Lord, make him suffer?,

And make his poor heart bleed,

I ask of You to heal him well,

Maybe, that's my own greed,

For his tears make me weak,

Lord, You are being unfair,

Thou did not grant me my love,

Atleast, grant him his share....!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Silenced desires....

In the woven gossamers of my mind,

A myriad of desires, I nestle,

Struggling through paths unknown,

I muffle my soul, I wrestle…

Against my will, for the greater good,

I make amends with my wants,

But the devils of desire, don’t leave me alone,

They appear in my dreams and haunt…

Wishes unfulfilled, my soul so parched,

Craving to quench itself with fulfillment’s nectar,

It struggles within, entrapped in my body,

Trying to get away, running helter-skelter…

But reality bites, stings like a scorpion,

Demands the cruel sacrifice of my desires,

I walk around the pyre of my dreams,

And I myself set them on fire…

In the heavens of sanctity,

Waiting to be caressed, my desires rest,

As I lead this incomplete life,

Forlorn, lonely, bereft!!!

There's a boy....

There’s a boy, he makes me smile,

There’s that twinkle in his eyes,

I share this special bond with him,

Away from all worldly ties…

There’s a boy, he makes me smile,

Brightens up every day of mine,

When sorrows cloud up my vision,

He makes me feel fine…

There’s a boy, he makes me smile,

He cares for me in special ways,

His innocent talks, his thoughtful words,

He just adds a spark to my days…

There’s a boy, he makes me smile,

A bit of sugar, a bit of spice,

He holds a special place in my heart,

Friend, philosopher, and angel in disguise!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mera pyaara Swifty...

This poem is dedicated to my dear friend Rohan and his lovely Swift... They share a bond with each other, more pure and divine than Romeo and Juliet, Adam and Eve, Laila and Majnoo and every other world-famous couple... It's indeed rare to see such pure love blossom in today's materialistic world... Sob.. Sniff.. I hope you like this Rohan.. This one's for you... :)

Mera pyaara Swifty,

Mera dulaara Swifty,

Mere chand ka tukda,

Jo hai tera sundar mukhda,

Uspe ek bhi dent aaye,

Toh meri saans atak jaaye…

Mera pyaara Swifty,

Mera dulaara Swifty,

Tera shiny safed exterior,

Tere seat par baithke peena beer,

Woh music sunna, long drives pe jaana,

Tere saath rehkar, har gam ko bhulaana….

Mera pyaara Swifty,

Mera dulaara Swifty,

Tanhaiyon me best friend tu,

Boring life me exciting bend tu,

Adrenaline rush hamesha tune diya,

Speedometer ne mujhko pagal kiya….

Mera pyaara Swifty,

Mera dulaara Swifty,

Tu hai toh life hai best,

I don’t care about the rest,

Dhoond liya maine full jahaan,

Par tere jaisa yaar aur kahaan…!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


We watched with bated breath,
As they stepped out on the field,
They played under immense pressure,
But, they just did not yield...

Zaheer bowled maiden afer maiden,
Wickets they took, for sure,
The Sri Lankans struck the ball hard,
But our tight fielding was the cure...

They finished at 274,
We knew it was a difficult score,
But the show our guys put up last night,
Made us want to ask for more...

The God wanted to win this time,
Sachin's spirit spelt magic in the air,
No wonder, even after his tragic wicket,
He sat smiling, without a care...

Gambhir batted with all his might,
Kohli ran with enthusiasm and zeal,
They made the situation light,
And brought us close to the winning feel...

And when hopes were going down,
The unsung hero, Dhoni, stepped in,
Four after four, six after six, he played,
And we knew, now its time to win...

Yuvi joined in soon, cheers grew louder,
Boldly they hit, ball after ball,
And with a Master-stroke Dhoni finised it all,
It was our victory, and their downfall!!!!

Sachin Overjoyed, being carried around,
Yuvi was choked, Bhajji, in tears,
Raina, Kohli, Yusuf, ecstatic,
Their fears, now drowned in cheers...

Dhoni humbly picked up the mighty cup,
The entire team was bleeding blue,
World Cup 2011 is ours guys,
Our dream has finally come true!!!!