Sunday, April 3, 2011


We watched with bated breath,
As they stepped out on the field,
They played under immense pressure,
But, they just did not yield...

Zaheer bowled maiden afer maiden,
Wickets they took, for sure,
The Sri Lankans struck the ball hard,
But our tight fielding was the cure...

They finished at 274,
We knew it was a difficult score,
But the show our guys put up last night,
Made us want to ask for more...

The God wanted to win this time,
Sachin's spirit spelt magic in the air,
No wonder, even after his tragic wicket,
He sat smiling, without a care...

Gambhir batted with all his might,
Kohli ran with enthusiasm and zeal,
They made the situation light,
And brought us close to the winning feel...

And when hopes were going down,
The unsung hero, Dhoni, stepped in,
Four after four, six after six, he played,
And we knew, now its time to win...

Yuvi joined in soon, cheers grew louder,
Boldly they hit, ball after ball,
And with a Master-stroke Dhoni finised it all,
It was our victory, and their downfall!!!!

Sachin Overjoyed, being carried around,
Yuvi was choked, Bhajji, in tears,
Raina, Kohli, Yusuf, ecstatic,
Their fears, now drowned in cheers...

Dhoni humbly picked up the mighty cup,
The entire team was bleeding blue,
World Cup 2011 is ours guys,
Our dream has finally come true!!!!